The great application of computer in business

the great application of computer in business. Stock markets around the world are in transition. A computer has high speed of calculation, diligence, accuracy, reliability, or versatility which has made it an integrated part in all business organizations.

Computers not only save time, but also save paper work. Ad integrated, simple, & loved by million users. On some trading floors, paper is disappearing.

10 Computer Applications to Help with Your Business Importance of

This is a simple offline guide app of computer application in business the following topics are covered in this app. Specialty electives may also be taken. Businesses have embraced computing, and we can say that today most companies, commercial activities, banking sector and stock market cannot function without computer technology. The main objective of business is transaction processing, which involves transactions with suppliers, employees or customers.

Specialty electives may also be taken. If one computer application named google will atoo the whole world will be in big trouble Nowadays, computers are totally integrated into business. Businesses can link applications with bank accounts to automatically sort income and expenses into the proper categories. Computers can make these transactions easy and accurate.

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