Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Analyzing Linux Server Logs

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Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Analyzing Linux Server Logs – There are important reasons why some companies need to host and manage their business intelligence department themselves. The main reason is the security of data, especially for companies that work in regulated industries such as banking.

Finding the right one can be difficult, but it’s more important than ever, because of the impact of having a data platform on your company and its efforts to motivate employees and democratize data access.

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Analyzing Linux Server Logs

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Analyzing Linux Server Logs

We’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of the top eight business intelligence tools you can use for your organization, along with a handy checklist to help you decide which tool is best for your data rights.

Business Intelligence Tools & Use Cases

The intelligence platform you choose will directly affect how you find your data, analyze it, distribute it, and use it to gain a competitive advantage and better serve your customers. your user.

If you choose a tool that is better than your requirements and staff expertise, your organization will not be able to set up and use it to its full potential. Otherwise, if you choose a tool that does not match your needs, such as integration for specific use cases, the tool will not fulfill its original purpose.

Therefore, it is important to have a set of reasonable criteria – a list of considerations that should be separated for you to invest in a tool. Let’s look at some of the following that can help you choose the right BI tool for your needs:

One of the most popular reasons why organizations choose self-hosted BI over cloud BI is the data security it provides. So, if you are dealing with sensitive data that has certain controls and management limitations, it is better to go with a self-hosted option, as it gives you the freedom to manage the data. the way you want.

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However, if you’re a small business that wants to do simple data processing without an in-house IT team and your data volume isn’t likely to grow in the future—the cloud BI may be the best choice for you. But if you choose a cloud provider because it’s easier and cheaper, consider hidden costs such as data transport costs and additional users or tasks, it will increase as your activities increase.

It’s easy to install and use at home if you have a server and IT team ready in-house. However, each device has a different configuration and operating system, so the ease of installation and use depends on the device you choose.

While it’s true that some business intelligence tools require you to process raw data to provide accurate reporting and models—it’s optional. You can too

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Analyzing Linux Server Logs

Clear raw data for tools that don’t have this requirement because raw data is easier to work with.

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However, doing this properly can consume a lot of time on your IT team’s end. Also, if you’re constantly adding new data, such as when you release new product features, it will act as a bottleneck in your team’s ability to get the answers they need. They are because the data must be cleared before you can access it. .

Bottom line: Choose a tool based on your preferences. If you want a tool that’s ready to go while the server is live, choose one that doesn’t require data cleaning and processing. But if you want to create and manage data effectively, you can go to a tool with a raw data processing requirement.

With in-house business intelligence, a large portion of your support will come from the internal IT team, such as software configuration, content management, maintenance, and administration. in the central capacity. However, additional support depends on what your employer offers.

You have a fast, customer-driven support team you can contact via phone, live chat, Zoom, or an in-person meeting if you’re nearby.

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A good BI solution should integrate with your tools and workflows to streamline your work and get data insights and insights that directly impact your operations.

It’s a good thing that most on-premises tools, even the host itself, offer the flexibility to connect with your third-party cloud applications.

, for example, streams your data results live to Google Sheets, sends them to a Slack channel you specify, and even shares them via email.

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Analyzing Linux Server Logs

Remember that in-house requires an internal investment including server hardware, software licenses, and IT personnel. Add this to the maintenance fees to fix bugs or, if something breaks, and it’s safe to say you need a dedicated budget for business.

A Powerful Embedded Business Intelligence Tool

However, if you have a fixed domestic budget, your tools will depend on your chosen solution and the plan you choose, which will take us to our next section.

With these considerations in mind, you’ll want to choose the device that best fits your data requirements and business goals. It will not only simplify the work of your IT team and free up their time, but it will enable your employees in the company to understand and use the data in their daily work. Let’s take a look at some of these tools:

It is a complete data analysis program that helps the whole team to find answers to any question in their database, regardless of the technical knowledge of the users. This self-hosted tool receives over 2.5 million queries per month through its intuitive real-time query-builder, but is uncompromising with its performance and data query responses.

The best part is that your company’s data is directly connected with a read-only transaction without making a copy of your data, thus providing you with high data security.

Linux Privilege Elevation

It gives you the flexibility to choose the type of data and images you want to display to users, thus giving you complete control and flexibility over data management. and management.

It’s perfect for fast-growing SaaS and commercial businesses with comprehensive data applications to keep engineers on track at all times. It’s great for businesses with a specific budget like a fixed price and offers unlimited ad-hoc data queries, tools and dashboards—so there’s no hidden cost.

While many BI platforms require you to clean raw data before use, work with raw data first, thus doing all the heavy lifting. It’s intuitive and fast, giving you quick access to new tables and columns to quickly get the answers you need. In addition, there is no change in the result, so there is no data change – only real information.

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Analyzing Linux Server Logs

Offers a free tier for its cloud-based model (no credit card required), as well as a subscription price before that, starting at $75/month. Pricing for the self-hosted version starts at $500/month and includes business features such as SSO, full user analytics, and more. You can find full details on the pricing page.

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Tableau Server is one of the most important on-premises BI solutions, with the convenience of its easy installation and reliable data transfer. A user-friendly and intuitive business intelligence tool that visualizes and presents complex data through visualizations, reports, and dashboards where users can organize, edit, share, and collaborate on data reports. .

In addition, the tool is known for its extensibility and integration with third-party applications, creating an excellent data analytics suite.

Tableau Server is ideal for small businesses with a solid IT infrastructure. Its ability to create important data textbooks and models makes it a popular choice among businesses.

Its on-premises version allows you to host it on your own IT system, on Windows or Linux. The tool gives you the ability to manage data information to specific and visible users for little or no maintenance fee, convenience of an intuitive tool and great support.

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Instead of asking you to enter predefined queries or forms—Tableau Server lets you ask questions from any data source in natural language. Therefore, it offers versatility and provides the most accurate information.

Tableau Server offers a 14-day free trial, after which you can choose from three different pricing plans with different features and user profiles.

If you like the sound of Tableau but want to find out how it compares to other options, check out our guide dedicated to Tableau alternatives.

Self-service Business Intelligence Tools For Analyzing Linux Server Logs

The PowerBI Report Server is the version of the popular and interesting Microsoft Power BI, giving companies the option to change the cloud whenever they want. The tool transforms the collected data into easy-to-use models for data analysis and greatly supports reporting.

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It has built-in AI capabilities, pre-built and custom data integration tools, and built-in Excel integrations for easy data reporting. On top of this, PowerBI Report Server also uses industry-leading data security capabilities such as end-to-end encryption, sensitivity labeling for increased protection and accessibility options, and real time monitoring.

PowerBI is best suited for large companies that use the Microsoft system and have greater requirements for recording, monitoring, and training KPIs. It is a good fit for fast growing SMEs with an internal IT system.

Microsoft Power BI Reporting Services is based on the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSR) framework, enabling report hosting, sharing, and collaboration behind your firewall, so providing high data protection and security. The tool also connects and provides instant access to reports such as

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